Alumnographics: graphically representing a community using basic software

As social media have become the predominant channel for spreading information and ideas, infographics (which have been around for a long, long time) have become hugely popular for organizations of all kinds. As tools for promotion, advocacy, awareness-raising or marketing they can convey information much more efficiently than blocks of text or tables of figures.

Working at the International School of Geneva’s Alumni Office, I realized the membership database represented a wealth of information that, properly presented, could help us Read more

Renaming an association magazine to bring it to a wider audience

One of the first things we did when I started working at the European Association of Zoos & Aquaria in 2009 was change the name of the quarterly magazine from EAZA NEWS to ZOOQUARIA. The existing title wasn’t terrible, but to me it felt a bit stale and boring. I wanted a title that would appeal to the staff at member institutions even if they didn’t know about EAZA. The new title also gave us more scope to promote and use the magazine beyond the membership.

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