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A wild goose in Switzerland

The Wild Geese were Irish expatriates who served as professional soldiers with the Catholic powers of Europe, from the late 17th to the early 20th centuries. There’s a Wikipedia article on the topic that includes this amusing quote from one Diego Brochero de Anaya, writing to the Spanish King Philip III: …that every year Your […]

I’m after writing a blog post

As of this month, Ireland has become the most populous English-speaking country in the European Union. Its population of 5 million is about ten times that of the other anglophone country, Malta*. Of course there are EU member states that are home to more people who speak English – apparently 15 million speak the language […]

A refreshing approach to event registration

With the RegOnline platform shutting down at the end of 2019, we needed a new event registration solution for the DVB World 2020 conference. After researching the available options, we went for Tito. It’s not as well known as some of the other options in this space (e.g. Eventbrite, Ticket Tailor), but I’ve been very […]

A practical tip when writing for the web

When writing for the web, it often turns out that your last sentence is actually your first sentence. Allow me to explain. I’ve been editing text a lot recently and have noticed that short articles, whether news items, event reports or blog posts, can often be made more immediate and engaging by using what was […]